Tourists from Colombia, Mexico and U.S. are the first returning to Peru

Tourists from Colombia, Mexico, and the United States are the first to return to our country, Peru’s Hotel Society (SHP) Chairman Jose Koechlin has reported.

“The first foreign tourists, who are returning to Peru, come from the north; we are talking about Colombia, Mexico, and the United States,” Koechlin told Andina news agency.

“Perhaps, this year we will reach 15% (approximately 600,000 tourists) of what we used to receive before the pandemic, but this is already starting, and next year will be better,” he added.

The SHP officer said the return of foreign tourists to Peru is slowly recovering, which is why the greatest number of events promoting our country’s destinations is necessary, such as the exhibition of almost 200 archaeological pieces from ancient Peru at the Boca Raton Museum of Art in the U.S.

“The North American market is very wealthy, and it is where we need to promote (the country’s attractions) even more. We are now in recovery mode due to COVID-19, but Peru is highly regarded as a tourist destination,” Koechlin explained.

“Besides, there is great interest from tourists of neighboring countries —such as Chile, Ecuador, and Bolivia— to come to Peru because they want to get to know the wonders that we have as a living culture,” he added.

Moreover, the SHP chairman stressed that tourism provides the opportunity for many people to train and become professionals —with a low initial investment.

“Two years ago, tourism was the third most important economic sector that attracted foreign currency (inflows). Unfortunately, we were left behind due to the pandemic, although we will come back with the aim of becoming the second (most important sector),” Koechlin said.

“Peru is the country of diversity. We have practically everything here, and with more than 5,000 years of history and associative culture as evidenced by the remains found in Caral and other places,” he emphasized.

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