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The mountainside around the Machu Picchu location sets it apart from any other place worldwide. The opportunity to reach Waynapicchu while also going through Machu Picchu is why you want to try out this route. If you want great circuits in Machu Picchu, this one is amazing and quite challenging too. But it will take around 4 hours to complete, so it’s a time commitment as well!

What makes it stand out is the stunning views, along with the opportunity to see the local wildlife. There’s also the fact that Montana Waynapicchu is one of the coolest routes you can try out, and it’s available for most of the years. It’s rarely closed, and that only happens if there’s very bad weather that prevents access to the mountains.

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How can you go on the Ruta Montana Waynapicchu?

  • You start at the entryway of Machu Picchu, and from here you will head towards the Templo Del Sol.
  • Then the route will take you right to the Roca Sagrada. Here you will find a caseta de control where you will have the tickets checked to ensure that you can go on the Ruta Montana Waynapicchu.
  • The hike itself will be 5 km to and from the citadel site. From the check point, you will have the route marked and ready to follow.
  • Once you reach the summit, you can take pictures from there. You can clearly see Machu Picchu, but also the Montańa Machu Picchu from this location. You will spend a bit of time at the top, and then you will head back on the same route.
  • From that check point, you will follow the classic route back to the entry way of Machu Picchu. That means you will go to the Doce Vanos, Qolqas Orientales, then the Conjunto Espejos de Agua, Templo Del Condor, Plaza de Pisonay and finally Reserva Arqueologica.

Is the Ruta Montana Waynapicchu difficult?

The hike itself is moderately challenging. Since you are going up the mountain, it’s extremely important to make sure that you are in very good physical condition. The route itself can be tricky especially during the wet season. That’s because there’s a mix of dirt trails with cables, but also Incan staircases.

It can take around 1 hour to complete the hike from Machu Picchu to the Waynapicchu, if you keep a moderate speed. Ideally, you want to visit the trail from April to November. That’s when you usually have the best possible weather, and you can avoid any possible issues that can sometimes appear.

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Are dogs allowed on the trail?

Pet owners might want to take their dog with them on this adventure. But one of the important things to keep in mind while on the Ruta Montana Waynapicchu or Machu Picchu in general is that dogs are not allowed.

Is the Ruta Montana Waynapicchu safe for kids?

It depends on the age, but generally the route is safe for kids. You want to follow all the markers and stay within the designated guidelines to ensure there are no problems. The route itself can be very tricky and demanding at times, so it makes sense to have adequate equipment for this hike.

That being said, the hike itself is beautiful, immersive and very iconic. It truly is one of the most engaging and rewarding routes that you can take around Machu Picchu. Plus, at the top you can take pictures of the Machu Picchu in all of its glory. Keep in mind that the Ruta Montaña Waynapicchu also follows the new Machu Picchu regulations from July 1st, since you will enter the premises of the old city as you head towards your hike.

Things that make Ruta Montana Waynapicchu stand out

First, it’s the historical significance, since it’s said to be a sacred place associated with ceremonies and rituals. On top of that, the ascent is very engaging, and you also go through some cave-like passages and narrow corridors. While it is safe, it can be challenging too, and that’s what a lot of trekkers want to have from something like this.

Over the years, the Ruta Montana Waynapicchu has become one of the most iconic ways to explore area around Machu Picchu. And the fact that you get to be so close to the city and take pictures from high up is what sets it apart from any other experience. We highly recommend giving the Ruta Montana Waynapicchu a try. Even if it can take up to 2 hours at times, it truly is one of the best ways to experience both Machu Picchu, but also enjoy taking some pictures and the incredible scenery around the old city!

Ruta Montaña Waynapicchu

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