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Going to the Gran Caverna is one of the most beautiful ways to enjoy Machu Picchu, while also taking the experience to the next level with an astonishing extension of your trip. The Ruta Gran Caverna is one of the nicest circuits in Machu Picchu that you can try right now, it’s extensive, fun, and a pleasure to check out. It certainly has its challenges too, Since this trek is longer compared to other circuits, such as circuit 1.

ruta gran caverna

How long is the Ruta Gran Caverna?

Generally, you will complete the Ruta Gran Caverna in around 3 hours, maybe a bit more. However, the Ruta Gran Caverna have its difficulties, and you also need to allocate time for taking pictures. But overall, it’s a delightful journey that will take quite a some of hours to complete all circuit.

When can you visit the Ruta Gran Caverna?

One of the things to note about Ruta Gran Caverna is that it’s open only during the high season. That means you can only visit it from June 1st to the 15th of October. Why is it not available during the rest of the year? That’s because from mid-October to the end of May you are outside of the dry season. It will rain, and trekking on this route when the roads can be difficult  and adds challenge. It’s a much better idea to enter this route and ensure you follow it accordingly. 


What does the Ruta Gran Caverna entail?

  • Like many routes, the Ruta Gran Caverna starts at the entryway of Machu Picchu, from here you go to the Templo del Sol. However, from there, you go directly to the Roca Sagrada and here you will enter the caseta de control. That way you will check the tickets and ensure you can go on the Gran Caverna route.
  • From there, you have a designated line that will take you to the Gran Caverna. Thankfully, the entire route is clearly marked, and also you can hire a guide that takes you through the entire process.
  • Here you can see the Temple of the Moon, which is a very popular Incan Ceremonial temple. Plus, in the center of the cave, you will see a throne carved out of rock. It’s clear that exploring this location is incredible, there are lots of tremendous sights to see, and you can take a plethora of photos. The site is also made out of stone masonry, which adds to its beauty and significance.
  • From last location,  you will go back the same route, and then you go through the final stretch of the route. That covers the Doce Vanos and Qolqas Orientales, the Templo of the Condor, but also Plaza del Pisonay and Reserva Arqueologica.
  • Once you reach the ending of the route, you can exit through the regular exit/entrance point of Machu Picchu. On average, he entire trek on the Ruta Gran Caverna will take you 3 hours, maybe a bit more depending on the pauses taken to admire the scenery and take pictures.

If you want to have a very good scope over the incredible culture of and the stunning look of temples, then the Ruta Gran Caverna is a must. You get to explore the beauty of Machu Picchu, immerse yourself into the experience, and also engage in one of the top circuits in Machu Picchu 2024.

Is the Ruta Gran Caverna safe for kids?

One of the key things to note when you go on the Ruta Gran Caverna is that you can’t enter the cavern if you are under 18 years old. So this is a route that you can only embark on if you have 18 years old or more. Make sure that you keep that in mind when booking the tickets.

When it comes to safety, the route is generally safe and very well marked. There are obviously some dangerous places spread over the location, but thankfully you can follow the route and not worry about anything. However, the route is only available during the high season, so you need to plan accordingly.


All in all, the Ruta Gran Caverna is one of those incredible places that you should definitely consider if you enjoy exploration and want to see more of Machu Picchu. Plus, you get to explore some of the Machu Picchu too, but you get deep into the mountains and enter one of the most popular temples in the region. It’s totally worth it to give this route a try, especially if you are very passionate about trekking and exploration in general!

However, if you want a classic photo of Machu Picchu, you need to purchase an additional ticket for circuit 1.

Ruta Gran Caverna

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