All About Circuit 3 Ruta Realeza Diseñada

If you’re looking for one of the most interesting and easiest to complete circuits in Machu Picchu, then the Ruta Realeza Disenada can be a very good option. It’s one of the shortest routes you can take, and it will be completed in 2 hours and a half, sometimes even less. However, instead of spreading yourself thin through multiple locations, you are going to a smaller number of spots within the city. That also makes it easier to spend more time there and learn about every location in its entirety.

What makes the Ruta Realeza Disenada different?

For starters, Ruta Realeza Disenada is made to cover some of the major parts of the city. You are not going to the superior and inferior platforms and terraces, nor do you visit the Roca Sagrada. It’s a more condensed trip, and that makes it the safest one for kids as well. It’s an immersive trip for sure, and one that can be very delightful and engaging as well.

A lot of people go on this route if they do not find other circuits, or if they have another visit plan for other circuit in Machu Picchu. Ruta Realeza Disenada is very fun to explore anyway, just because it gives you the opportunity to check out the core of the Inca city, along with some of the main temples.

What does the Ruta Realeza Disenada entail?

  • The route starts directly at the entrance, and from there you will go through the terraces in order to reach the Mirador del Templo Del Sol. That’s where you will spend most of the time exploring the temple and seeing some of the incredible sights there. Unlike other routes, Ruta Realeza Disenada doesn’t cover the Caos Granitico, although you can see it from afar.
  • From last location, you will head to Doce Vanos and the Conjunto Espejos de Agua. You will go through the city and can take pictures if you want as well, which is a delightful experience in its own right.
  • Additionally, there are 2 areas of explication when you go from there to the Conjunto Espejos de Agua, as it’s a major part of the city.
  • Once you get past that, you will move onto the Templo del Condor, one of the main things to see during your Machu Picchu visit. Additionally, you can check the Plaza del Pisonay, along with the Reserva Arqueologica.
  • From the Reserva Arqueologica, you will get to the entry/exit point of Machu Picchu.

It’s a great trip because it covers exactly what you want to know and see in the Machu Picchu region. Of course, there are still many other interesting sights for you to check, and the route is a bit restrictive if you want to see everything. Yet this can be a solid option for those of us that are trying to save time, as they have any other trip prepared in the region as well. You still get the option to take quite a lot of photos, and it’s a very engaging experience because of that.

Is the Ruta Realeza Disenada available the entire year?

The short answer is yes, Ruta Realeza Disenada is available during the entire year, unless Machu Picchu is closed. But if Machu Picchu is open, you can go on this route without a problem, and it’s quite an interesting route to take as well. That’s why it has quickly become one of the most interesting options if you are a fan of exploration, history and culture.

What the Ruta Realeza Disenada lacks in distance, it more than makes up for it when it comes to information. There are multiple places where the guides will tell you more about the local history, how those parts of the city were built, challenges faced over the years and many others.

Ruta Realeza Disenada focuses a lot on the historical side of Machu Picchu, and it does that with exceptional results. It truly delivers an astounding and very immersive way of you exploring the city and all that it has to offer. Anyone that wants to view and also learn more about Machu Picchu will find this one of the best routes to embark on. And it’s not very expensive either, not to mention you will have a great time educating yourself about the region while taking lots of photos.

Closing thoughts

It’s important to follow the new Machu Picchu regulations from July 1st, and embarking on the Ruta Realeza Disenada helps you do that. Plus, the route is offering you one of the best ways to learn about the city, its components, and you can take a plethora of pictures. The route itself is inexpensive too, and the best part is that you can save time to visit other places within this region. All in all, Ruta Realeza Disenada is a great option if you’re looking for the serveral archeological sites in Machu Picchu 2024.

Ruta Realeza Diseñanda

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