Corona Virus

Corona Virus

With all attention, this year have been a whole new experience for people all around the world. it is impossible to ignore the presence of the COVID 19 virus. Inka Altitude staff, value the health and safety of all our guests, crews and people involved with our company. While there has been confirmed case of COVID – 19 in Perú. It has cases reported in Cusco city, and extra hygiene measures have been put in place to help prevent the spread. We are keeping in constant contact with Government and entities involved with tourism to make sure that we have all the necessary information and tools to ensure a safe and relaxing holiday, so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We informed the important things to know

On international flights to enter Peruvian territory, the passenger must present to the airline, in their country of origin:

All passengers must have a negative real-time RT-PCR test result, up to 72 hours old since the RT-PCR test result (-), antigenic test (-) or medical certificate of good health.

The «Electronic Health Affidavit, and commitment to isolate or quarantine the traveler», which can be found on the website of the National Migration Superintendency

Both aforementioned documents must be kept since they can also be requested in Peruvian territory.

We have taken all necessary measures in order to government – mandated health protocols.

All passengers traveling to Peru are obligated to provide information about their health.

Information to our staff at the airport (Lima or Cusco) as we will ask them pertinent questions in case any of one have flu symptoms. If we do have a special case reported, we will immediately contact health authorities and passengers will not be allowed to continue on the tour as a prevention for all our customers.

All measures that protect our passengers will be taken in Peru and we will be assisting all customers in the best way and we will keep you update with any official news.


Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, after coughing or sneezing. Before eating, after using the bathroom.

Clean hands frequently with alcohol – based gel.


When coughing or sneezing cover your mouth and nose with flexed elbow.

Use a tissue when coughing and throw it away.

Avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose with your hands.

If you would like to use a mask, request went to our staff.


If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early and share previous travel history with our staff on the tour.

We want your holiday with us to be as relaxed as possible so if you do have any questions or inquires please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

We also want to let you know that INKA ALTITUDE is ready to operate the allowed tours with all needed safety protocols. We guarantee an amazing but safe experience.

-All of our staff make an affidavit before start our operations.

-Use masks is mandatory for our staff and clients.

-Temperature control is mandatory for our staff and clients.

– Hand-washing is mandatory for out staff and clients.

-Inka Altitude guides always carry a personal first-aid kit including masks, gloves and thermometers, etc.

-The distance between each person will be respected and organized by our tour guides.

-Our vehicles will be disinfected following the biosecurity protocols given by the Health Ministry in Peru before and after every service.

-We will only use 50% capacity in order to respect the social distancing requirements. 

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