Rainbow Mountain can be great to visit, but it also has few perils. Some months are not that great for visiting, since the weather can be very problematic. Other times,  you will have good weather, but also lots of crowds. That’s why a lot of people think that visiting Rainbow Mountain in September can be a good middle ground.

September is one of those months that’s right after vacations, so there’s not as much crowd as usual. However, you are also coming off the dry season, and the weather is not bad. While it can still be a gamble depending on your luck, going to Rainbow Mountain in September is definitely worth a shot. Here are some things you want to consider!

What is the typical weather like on Rainbow Mountain in September?

The temperature on Rainbow Mountain is anywhere from 2 to 18 degrees Celsius. That’s quite good, considering it gets worse especially towards the end of the year.

Checking the weather forecast to see if there’s any rain is extremely helpful. That will make it easier to prevent any issues, while also avoiding downsides as well. It’s not an easy thing to do, but adequate planning is necessary if you visit Rainbow Mountain in September.

Are clear vistas common during the Rainbow Mountain hike in September?

It depends on when you go to Rainbow Mountain in September. For the most part, we think that you will have clear vistas, the only problem is rain. If it starts raining, it can get cloudy very fast. Your hike will also become more challenging as you will be facing mud as well. It’s definitely tricky, but again, it all comes down to checking the weather, understanding the possible downsides and having the right gear.

If you go during the morning, that can be a bit problematic since there are times when it’s cloudy. But it can also give you a better advantage when compared to other times of the day. Afternoon is when you have the best vistas, since it’s clear and you don’t have to deal with any issues. However, it might get darker quicker than usual,  and for that you should need a private tour, so that’s definitely an adversity that you have to face. It’s not a huge downside, but it certainly has its issues.

What is the optimal time of day for visiting Rainbow Mountain in September?

Historically, you will encounter rain during the afternoon if you visit Rainbow Mountain in September. That’s not a bad thing, but you need to prepare yourself beforehand. Getting some anti-rain gear like a raincoat or anything similar will always help. And of course, the best approach is to go during the morning. Between 6 and 9 AM is usually the sweet spot if you visit Rainbow Mountain.

The problem that most people face is that if you go after 10 AM, then there are lots of crowds. Not to mention if you go after 8 AM when there are less crowds, you have a higher chance of dealing with rain. So it’s ideal to go in the morning, but as always it depends on your schedule and what you want to do.

It’s also a good idea to note that if you go in the morning, clouds will offer some shade. You have sunny days for the most part, so the view can be great. That’s why it’s recommended to go during the early part of the day, but remember that even then you can sometimes deal with rain.

Pros and cons for visiting Rainbow Mountain in September


  • It’s possible to hike the Rainbow Mountain without dealing with too many crowds. That’s especially true if you go during the morning
  • There are plenty of sunny days during September, although you need to be prepared with the right gear in case it rains out of nowhere.
  • Clouds can provide you some shade, which is always great to have.


  • Rain can appear out of nowhere, and it will make the hiking experience more difficult
  • It’s a month when you can expect the unexpected, and you have to address all those possible concerns with a proper strategy.

Tips for hiking Rainbow Mountain in September

Getting rain gear is very important, since it can start raining randomly. It also helps if you have a survival kit and of course, a first aid kit. Thicker clothes can also help, since it can get very chilly on the Rainbow Mountain in September, especially if you go during the very early morning or afternoon. As always, you should have sunblock on you and wear a hat.

We recommend giving Rainbow Mountain a try during the month of September, however you must take some precautions. Protecting yourself with the right gear, knowing when to visit the mountain and also being ready to deal with rain is something very common. After all, September is the start of the rainy season on the Rainbow Mountain!

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