Is it a good idea to explore Rainbow Mountain in November? That’s what many tourists are answering, and that’s for a very good reason. November is one of those months that can be tricky to schedule a vacation on the Rainbow Mountain, for a variety of reasons. It’s during the wet season, so the weather can be very uncertain. Not only that, but it can rain a lot right now and later during the day it can be sunny or opposite.

There’s also the upside that due to the uncertainty of the weather, you might have less crowds to deal with. But the question is, does that matter for you and does it make a difference? For some people it does, and that’s why you have to check the calendar and also the weather forecast. That will give you all the necessary information to prepare yourself for this entire process.

Tips for hiking Rainbow Mountain in November

Since visiting Rainbow Mountain in November is exactly during the rainy season, that means the chances of raining are a lot higher than usual. Having the proper raincoat and rain gear is going to be mandatory. Sure, you might luck out and have a sunny day. But in general, November is known for being full of rainy days. Check the forecast and also prepare your rain gear.

Also, take a hat and sunscreen too. If it doesn’t rain, there are less clouds and the sun is very powerful. That means you can easily encounter sun damage if you’re not careful. Address that with the right scheduling, and in the end that can make a huge difference when it comes to your entire experience. Keep in mind that you should also take protective gear, thicker clothes, and maybe even a first aid kit. The more you are prepared, the better!

Pros and cons for visiting Rainbow Mountain in November


  • You have to deal with way less crowds. The fact that you can encounter rain at times can be a challenge, but for the most part you won’t have to deal with a lot of people. That makes the experience better as a whole.
  • You can take some clear photos, with the right planning. Again, the lack of crowds is a major advantage and it helps you avoid a lot of potential downsides.
  • The temperatures are still rather pleasant. There can be times when it’s freezing up at the top, but that’s why it’s always recommended to have a set of thicker clothes, just in case.


  • You can encounter snow at the top, sometimes, even if it’s a rare occasion
  • When you go to Rainbow Mountain in November, it’s very possible to deal with lots of mud and rain.

What is the optimal time of day for visiting Rainbow Mountain in November?

Since rain can easily come out of nowhere during the rainy season, you have to check the weather forecast. Another thing that you could do is to go during the morning. If the weather is fine and there’s no rain, early morning until 9 AM is usually the better time to visit Rainbow Mountain. Not only do you have to deal with less people, but you can also take pictures too. In some cases there can be thicker clouds, but overall it’s a pleasant and exciting time.

If you go after 10 AM, you will have more crowds to deal with. These crowds disperse after 12 or 1 PM, but the downside is that during the afternoon you will encounter more rain that usual. So, is it a good idea to visit in November? Sure, but you do want to keep this for the early mornings. If you don’t keep it for the early morning and go later during the day, you are gambling with the weather.

What is the typical weather like on Rainbow Mountain in November?

The weather is not that bad, unless you are dealing with a rainy day. And since November is during the wet season, you might have quite a lot of those days appear. But with enough preparation, you should be fine. Good weather is still common, so if you check the forecast and prepare yourself accordingly, that can be extremely convenient and enjoyable.

Are clear vistas common during the Rainbow Mountain hike in November?

What you will enjoy about Rainbow Mountain in November is that vistas can still be great. Unless, of course, you are dealing with a rainy day. But with adequate planning, you will find it to be one of the better times to visit Rainbow Mountain if you dislike crowded areas. Sure, the dry season is better, but that’s when most people want to go to the Rainbow Mountain anyway.

As a whole, we think that exploring Rainbow Mountain in November has a great appeal. Sure, you have to prepare yourself for a rainy day, but other than that, it can be a very fun and enjoyable time. You can also take some great pics, which is always fun!

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