In case you were wondering what month of the year is a good one to visit Rainbow Mountain, we would definitely recommend May. It’s a great option because the bad weather is over, and you are in the dry season. You don’t have any snow layers, which makes the view incredible and unique as well. On top of that, the advantage of going to Rainbow Mountain in May is that you can have less heavy equipment, since you are not in need of those more complex pieces that you would take during the rainy season.

What is the optimal time of day for visiting Rainbow Mountain in May?

Make sure that you go either before 10 AM. The idea is that between these times, a lot of crowds will arise and it’s very difficult to take pictures. That’s why proper planning and avoiding the prime hours is going to help you more than expected.

Advantages and disadvantages

During the month of May, Rainbow Mountain doesn’t experience any major rainfall, aside from random occurrences. For the most part, the Rainbow Mountain trail is dry, and there are even horse riders that can take you on an unforgettable journey. It’s also one of the first months of the year when you can actively see the sunrise and sunset without obstructions.

The downside is that depending on the time of the day when you reach the Rainbow Mountain, it can be very cold. On top of that, you are in the mountains, so the sun’s power is very strong. While the weather is fine, you need UV protection otherwise you can deal with sunburn and a variety of other similar problems.

What is the typical weather like on Rainbow Mountain in May?

Unlike April or March, the weather doesn’t involve any rainfall. There’s also a very small chance of mist, although it might appear sometimes during the early morning. The visibility is great overall, and you will find the weather to be incredible for most of the day. However, you still need proper support against cold temperatures, since it can be very cold depending on when you visit Rainbow Mountain.

Are clear vistas common during the Rainbow Mountain hike in May?

The view is great throughout Rainbow Mountain during the entire month of May. Granted, weather changes can be a problem, but for the most part, you won’t have to worry about significant weather problems. For the most part, you will see lots of crowds especially during the mid-day, since it’s an ideal time to visit the Rainbow Mountain. You can avoid them by going either early in the morning.

Tips for hiking Rainbow Mountain in May

Sunblock is mandatory if you visit Rainbow Mountain in May. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should take a hat and sunglasses with you too. Gloves, a neck gaiter and some thick socks are also necessary, since it can get very cold at the top. Hot tea also helps, same with any hand warming product.

What essentials should I pack for a day hike to Rainbow Mountain in May?

You won’t need a lot of things. But stuff like trekking poles, a hat and sunblock, maybe even a thicker jacket and stuff to protect you against cold weather should be a must-have. Don’t ignore hydration, some water or coca tea can be handy too!


In case you want to visit Rainbow Mountain, it’s a good idea to do that during the month of May. Not only is it a great time to explore the mountain, but you’re not dealing with ice, extremely cold weather and rainfall. Granted, this is also when you end up having lots of crowds, yet it’s a much safer time when compared to previous months.

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Rainbow Mountain
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