Rainbow Mountain is one of the most unforgettable and surreal locations on Earth. The stunning mountains colored in a pattern similar to the rainbow make for an exciting, unique view. However, figuring out the right time to visit Rainbow Mountain in January can be very hard. It seems like any month would be great, but that’s not the case. Some months, such as January, have both advantages and disadvantages for enjoying this incredible area.

What is the optimal time of day for visiting Rainbow Mountain in January?

The optimal time of the day has to do with the crowds and not weather. You want to either go early morning between 7 to 10 AM, or maybe later during the day after 1 PM. Since most crowds come to Rainbow Mountain between 10 AM and 2 PM, going early morning circumvents that. It allows you to explore Rainbow Mountain in January without issues.

Advantages and disadvantages

The upside of visiting Rainbow Mountain in January is that you don’t have as many crowds. Most people visit Rainbow Mountain during the dry season. That’s anywhere from April-May to September-November. However, there are downsides to visiting Rainbow Mountain during the month of January.

Maybe the main problem with Rainbow Mountain in January is that it’s right during the rainy season. That means it’s harder to hike. The mist is also problematic, because it can be hard to move onward without preparing for any obstacles or issues. Vehicles need to slow down sometimes, so if you do visit Rainbow Mountain during this time, it might take more than usual depending on the weather conditions during the day.

What is the typical weather like on Rainbow Mountain in January?

Normally, Rainbow Mountain in January tends to be harder to visit. You’re right during the rainy season. That means, sometimes the trail can be muddy and wet. You have low visibility due to mist, and on top of that it’s harder to take photos and have a panoramic view of the location sometimes. However there are some days than sky can be clear and sunny, harder to describe why this event during January.

Are there snowy or icy conditions in January?

It depends on the year. Generally, the weather is full of rain during the nights and afternoons, sometimes it might snow. However, icy conditions are difficult to appear. Mind you, it’s still very problematic because mud and water can make it hard to travel and hike.

Are clear vistas common during the Rainbow Mountain hike in January?

Not really everyday, and that’s in part due to the mist that can block your view for the most part of the day. You can still visit Rainbow Mountain in January and have a great time, it’s just not the best month to visit it. Due to the mist, there’s few panoramic vista that you would normally have during the dry season. But there is an upside, due to these conditions you will have way less people traveling and that can improve your overall comfort and experience.

Tips for hiking Rainbow Mountain in January

Since you’re traveling during the rainy season, it’s a very good idea to acquire boots and waterproof coats. You also want to have a guide with you, along with first-aid packages. Since this is more of a challenging month to visit Rainbow Mountain, you must be prepared for any problems, and it will make things easier.

What essentials should I pack for a day hike to Rainbow Mountain in January?

There are a few items that could benefit you if you pack them for the Rainbow Mountain trip:

  • A warm layer of clothes
  • Rain jackets
  • Sun hat
  • Hand sanitizer and sun cream
  • Water
  • Trekking poles


Visiting Rainbow Mountain is an excellent idea, and you can do that most of the year. You can go to the Rainbow Mountain at any time during the year, but some months are better than others. January is not during the dry season, so you will face severe weather changes, rainfall and sometimes mud. That’s why you need to be aware of the weather conditions and prepare accordingly, if you do want to visit Rainbow Mountain in January!

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