Inca Trail in September

Entering the Inca Trail during September can be a very good idea if you want to blend a great time hiking with good weather and lots of locations to explore. On top of that, you also have less problems when it comes to getting a permit. 

However, towards the end of September is when you will encounter more rain, which can end up making the process a bit difficult. Yet for the most part, September can be a great month if you want to enjoy your time on the trail. 

The weather is great, but it can be a little unpredictable at times, which is a thing to consider.  It becomes much easier to prepare yourself for any weather issues. 

learn about Peru's Inca Trail in september

What type of fauna and flora can you see on the Inca Trail in September?

Generally, you can find a variety of animals and amazing flowers on the trail. What stands out are ferns and orchids. You can also find some deer in the region too. The problem you might face sometimes is that animals can run away and try to hide. Yet you can still go near lakes and see lots of beautiful flora and fauna.

Does it rain often?

Rain is not of major concern in September. While some people will encounter issues as they go on the Inca Trail in other months, September is generally an easier month for trekkers and people that want to hike the Inca Trail. You still need to plan adequately and for the most part, rain is not going to be a huge issue. It’s still a challenge sometimes.
However, it only rains 6 days during September, on average. And most of the time, those rainy days are around the end of the month. That’s why the ideal time for the Inca Trail visit is definitely towards the beginning of the month. If you plan your hike accordingly and look at the forecast, you won’t have to worry about any major issues on the trail. Still, don’t go without preparing for bad weather, since the mountain weather is ever-changing and you can easily get caught by surprise!

Is it hard to acquire permits in September?

What you will notice is that once vacation time is over for most people, it becomes a bit easier to acquire permits. However, September is still one of those months when it can be hard to acquire permits. They only offer 500 permits per day, so you always want to book yours beforehand. Otherwise, you might run out of luck if you try a late booking.

Local events and things to do/visit

There aren’t any specific festivals. However, on the 14th of September you do have the chapel Santuario Senor de Huanca where you will be able to explore this amazing place and enjoy some of the local celebrations. Aside from that, you can also embark on the Salkantay trek, not to mention you can find lots of birds in the region. Bird lovers will definitely have a blast on the Inca Trail during this month.

Is the Inca Trail crowded in September?

Most people have their vacation during the summer, which means there are less crowds in September. However, it also depends on the year, local festivities and weather. It always helps to check the weather too, because sometimes things can change very quickly, so staying up to date with the forecast can make it easier to prepare yourself for the trail as a whole.

Should you visit the Inca Trail in September?

September is one of the better months to visit the Inca Trail. While there can be some unpredictable weather, for the most part it will be fine. You need to take a raincoat, umbrella, maybe also a safety kit and walking sticks.
Prepare beforehand, make sure that you book your permits a month or so in advance, and you’ll have no problem enjoying the experience. Visiting the Inca Trail in September can be a delight, and rest assured there’s a lot to see and do even during this month. Plus, it’s the end of the dry season, which makes it maybe the perfect month when you have less people on the trail, yet still favorable weather conditions.

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