Inca Trail in October

October is right at the start of the rainy season in Peru, however the weather is still good when compared to the next few months. That’s why visiting the Inca Trail in October can be great, especially if you are very serious about not dealing with crowds. October is one of those months when you can have lots of fun on the trail, and there are a variety of things to check out here. With that in mind, the temperatures are lower and you have to prepare with adequate clothing. Yet it’s totally worth it!

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Is it safe to go on the Inca Trail in October?

Exploring the trail in October is safe. However, there are some weather changes. Even if we’re getting closer to the winter cold, the temperatures are still very favorable. You can encounter temperatures around 2 to 20 degrees Celsius in some of the better days, which is very handy.
However, since it’s a bit off-season, you will encounter less crowds. Yet there are still plenty of people that choose this time of the year for their Inca Trail visit. That means in many situations, they will try to book permits ahead of time, which is exactly what you want to take into account. Being prepared beforehand is a crucial part of the process, so you can have a nice experience while on the trail.

What should you take with you on the Inca Trail in October?

We recommend to take a bottle of water or two, because it can be very easy to dehydrate due to the overall weather changes. On top of that, it can rain sometimes during October, so it never hurts to have some raincoats or waterproof products with you. A change of clothes can also be warranted, especially during October. Aside from that, walking sticks, sunscreen and a hat should also be in your backpack. Even a medical kit, just in case there are any issues.

How often does it rain on the Inca Trail in October?

For the most part, it tends to rain around 10 days during the entire month. However, due to the unpredictability of mountain weather, sometimes it can rain at random. That’s why we mentioned it always helps to be prepared. You never know what problems can arise when you are on the mountains. And since it does rain around 1/3 of the time during October, checking the weather forecast is a crucial part of the process.

Seeing the orchids

October is when orchids are blossoming. That’s why, if you want to see the local fauna and flora, October is actually an ideal month for that. Plus, you have a sense of tranquility since there are less people on the trail. It’s a great time for sure, especially if you’re looking to see deer and all kinds of flora as well!

When is the ideal time to go on the Inca Trail in October?

The Inca Trail in October is open most of the day, although ideally you want to get back until the evening. If you want to avoid any crowds, then the best thing you can do is to visit the Inca Trail during the morning. 6 to 9 AM tends to be the sweet spot if you’re serious about not dealing with any other crowds. 10 AM to 1 PM is when most crowds will come to the Inca Trail, so that might not be an ideal time for you. However, you can visit the trail later on, after 1 PM if you want. Although it makes sense to avoid getting back in the evening.

Visiting the Inca Trail in October

We think that visiting the Inca Trail in October is an excellent idea, especially if you want to see the local animals and flora. While it will rain a little bit, we still think that with adequate planning, you can have an amazing time on the trail. Keep in mind that exploring the trail with a guide is recommended, especially if it rains. You also want to take the right items with you on your trek. If it rains, walking sticks and other gadgets are a must-have, so use that to your advantage!

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