Inca Trail in November

November is one of those months when you don’t have a large number of crowds on the Inca Trail. However, there’s a reason for that, since this is one of the first months of the rainy season. There’s still some pleasant weather on the trail, however it will rain 14 days of the month, on average. That means you will encounter a lot of moisture and mud while on the trail. Even if it doesn’t deter the overall hiking experience too much, it’s important to take that into account when you plan to visit the Inca Trail.

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How intense is the rainfall during November?

What you will notice is that during November it rains often, but the rain itself is not very powerful. Sure, there are some intense rain moments, but overall it’s more sporadic. With that in mind, rain tends to be heavier during the afternoons, which is a thing you will notice more often than not. The temperatures are anywhere from 6 to 18 degrees, although it does get very cold at night.
That’s the reason why we highly recommend taking thicker clothes with you when you visit the Inca Trail in November. It protects you against random cold episodes that will appear here and there. On top of that, if the weather is fine, the sun is very powerful on the mountains. That means it makes sense to take sunscreen in order to protect yourself. Not only is it the ideal thing to consider, but it delivers a much better experience overall.

What can you see on the Inca Trail in November?

The views are spectacular year-round, but since there are less people in the region, it’s just a much more engaging and rewarding experience. On top of that, the temperatures as a whole tend to be warmer around this time when compared to upcoming months. In addition, the rain is not in full force and there are still plenty of days without intense rain. That’s important to consider, because you can prepare your schedule and hike without having to deal with mud and constant rain. Yet that means checking the forecast often, among others.

Is it hard or easy to get Inca Trail permits in November?

Generally, getting permits for the Inca Trail can be very difficult, especially during the peak season. However, things change in November, because there are less people that visit the trail. That can be due to a variety of things, be it current weather, or maybe they can’t take a vacation during this time. It’s also the reason why November can be a great month for those that want to visit the Inca Trail without dealing with a plethora of crowds.
It’s easier to get permits for the Inca Trail in November. However, there can still be times when people try to book permits in bulk. So it never hurts to get your permit ahead of time. That way, you get to secure your timeline for the hike, and you don’t need to worry about any possible issues or challenges that can arise.

Considerations when you visit the Inca Trail in November

The sun radiation is very powerful, especially in November. That’s why having sunscreen and a hat becomes mandatory when you go on the Inca Trail in November. On top of that, since there are weather changes, you want to have a raincoat with you too. Even an umbrella can be a great thing to take with you as well.
Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that at night it can be very cold on the Inca Trail. So if you go during the afternoon and come back in the evening, ensure that you have thicker clothes with you. Otherwise, you will deal with very low temperatures, sometimes even negative temperatures.


November is a great month for anyone that wants to explore the Inca Trail. Granted, this is at the start of the rainy season, so it will rain half the month on average. Yet there are still plenty of days without rain, which is why it can be a good idea to check them out. We highly recommend taking your time and acquiring permits in advance, just to make sure everything is ok. Also, take sunscreen and other personal items that you might need as well!

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