Inca Trail in May

As the weather gets better in Peru, it becomes a great idea to enter the Inca Trail and explore this amazing place. The reason is simple, you can check Cusco, along with the amazing Machu Picchu and the unique locations in the region. With that in mind, visiting the Inca Trail in May is one of the things a lot of people consider. You’re not far from the best weather of the year, yet there are way less crowds when compared to other seasons. That’s why it can be a very good idea to enter the trail and check it out for yourself.

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How is the weather on the Inca Trail in May?

Generally, you will have very good weather on the Inca Trail if you choose to visit it in May. The highest temperatures are around 19 degrees Celsius, and the lowest ones are 3 degrees. However, as you go up the mountains, you will encounter a very high amount of UV rays that are super powerful. In this case, the best thing that you can do is to take sunscreen with you. In fact, you may also want to have a hat too, so you can protect yourself the best way that you can.

Does it rain on Inca Trail in May?

Rain is a known issue for most of the first months of the year. However, in May, it tends to rain around 3 days per month on average. There’s not a ton of rain, and that’s for the best. You can still prepare very well for the rain ahead, just in case. But for the most part, there’s not a whole lot of rain. May is set during the dry season too, so the chances of dealing with rain here are extremely low.
The first half of May is not ideal if you want great weather. For the most part, the weather on the Inca Trail is subject to change, yet in May it’s more than likely ok. However, some isolated incidents still arise, so there can be a few problems here and there.

How to prepare yourself for the Inca Trail trip

There are plenty of things to keep in mind, one of them is that there’s a limited number of permits, and those run out fast. On top of that, you will have a larger number of people coming onto the Inca Trail at the end of the month. In addition, the May nights can be quite cold, and you might encounter some rain. However, these are things that most of us expect when it comes to the Inca Trail, since the dry season is when you see the most people on the trails.
Yet there are upsides to visiting the Inca Trail in May as well, quite a lot of them actually. You get to appreciate the flora and fauna in the region, with flowers blooming during this time. On top of that, you have clear skies, something that a lot of people are adamant for. To make things even better, it’s that month when the moon is very bright, so it can make for some amazing photos.
As we mentioned earlier, for most of the month there’s no need to worry about rainfall. It also makes it easier to go near the lakes and take pictures. It’s still plenty of fun, and the experience that you’re getting from this is among some of the best. And yes, the best part is that you will have access to the trail most of the day.

When should you go on the Inca Trail?

Ideally, you want to enter the Inca Trail in May during the early mornings. The sky is clear, you won’t have to deal with mist and other issues. Plus, going earlier in the day can give you better ways for you to avoid crowds. Most crowds accumulate between 10 AM and 1 PM. You can try to go later during the day or early mornings, if you want to stay away from larger crowds.
As a whole, we think that visiting Inca Trail in May is an excellent idea, since this is a great month without a lot of rain. The weather is clear for the most part, you can access the trail without worrying about problems. Make sure that you are getting your permits on time, since they can run out fast!

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