Inca Trail in March

Since February is a time when the Inca Trail is closed for maintenance and due to bad weather, once that month is over there’s renewed interest for the trail. That also means a lot of people want to book their travel and explore the Inca Trail. With that in mind, it’s very important to understand the weather and scheduling during March, so you can make the most out of your Inca Trail adventure.

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Does it still rain on the Inca Trail in March?

Yes, it does, however most of the rain comes during the afternoon. That’s why it’s a good idea to enter the Inca Trail in the morning hours if possible. The prime time tends to be anywhere from 10 AM to 1 PM. Anywhere after that you might encounter rainfall, sometimes it can get very wet and muddy on the trail because of that.
Another thing to note about the Inca Trail in March is that this is the 3rd wettest month of the year. That means you need to prepare yourself with raincoats and proper boots. Along with that, you can also take other precautions like an extra pair of weatherproof clothes. Even if you end up getting wet while on the trail, you will have a great experience due to adequate preparation.

Are tickets gone quickly during March?

Yes, since the entire month of February you can’t go on the trail, March is always a month with a very high demand for the Inca Trail. People want to visit the trail without having to worry about dealing with tons of crowds. Local prices are also a bit cheaper when compared to prime months like July or August.
So it’s definitely a good idea to explore the Inca Trail in March if you have time. With that in mind, it still rains around half a month during March, so roughly 15 days. Rain intensity will vary, sometimes the intensity is very high, other times less so.

What kind of gear should you have on the Inca Trail during March?

The benefit of embarking on the Inca Trail during March is it doesn’t rain as much as February. But you still need raincoats and all the different gear you would want to protect yourself from rain. Walking sticks are very important too, especially since you will have situations when the trail is muddy. Aside from that, you need to take any medication or products for self-care that you need. Also, an extra change of clothes never hurts. You never know when and if you might need extra clothes.

Are there lots of crowds on the Inca Trail in March?

It depends on when you go. Ideally you want to go on the Inca Trail before 10 AM. There are less crowds, and you also have the chance of getting very good weather. Naturally, the weather gets worse during the afternoon. Between 10 AM and noon or a bit after that, you will have more crowds. However, these are the two timelines that you want to go for when visiting the trail. That way, you can prevent unnecessary exposure to bad weather and any other similar concerns or issues that sometimes arise.

Are there any other events near the Inca Trail?

Yes, sometimes in March you will also have the Semana Santa, which varies in date based on whenever Easter falls. With that in mind, during this week there are various festivals that you can check out. That means you can start creating a more exciting and unique adventure during the month, while also enjoying the experience and having fun for a change. That alone can be extremely helpful, especially if you are very passionate about the local culture and sights.

Should you go onto the Inca Trail in March?

Generally, visiting the Inca Trail in March is a great idea, especially if you want to view the local flora and even some of the fauna. On top of that, it rains only half of the month in general, and usually during the afternoons. That means with the right amount of planning, you can have a great time on the Inca Trail. That’s why it’s highly recommended to visit this amazing place during the month of March, if your schedule allows that.

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