Inca Trail in June

June is a great month to go on the Inca Trail, because the weather is fine and you can see everything you planned for. Not only that, but hiking is a lot easier since it barely rains. That’s great because you never have to worry about dealing with tons and tons of rain every single day. Instead, you can plan your trip and ensure that you stay safe at any given time. It’s a gamechanger especially if you are serious about hiking the trail and seeing all the amazing landmarks!

discover inca trail 4 days in june

Are the mornings cold on the Inca Trail in June?

One of the things to note is that temperatures can still be very low. In fact, during the early mornings, you have negative Celsius temperatures, around -5 degrees during the night and -1 in the early morning sometimes. It can get up to 21 degrees Celsius mid-day, so it’s imperative to plan accordingly. Yet it never hurts to take some thicker clothes with you, just to be safe!

Is the Inca Trail at full capacity in June?

Yes, most of the time the Inca Trail is at full capacity during the month of June. The reason behind that is the overall temperature and weather conditions. You’ll have a great time exploring the Inca trail, and you can take stunning photos. However, since the trail is at capacity, that also means you will have to deal with tons of crowds.
For most people, June or July are the best months weather-wise when it comes to visiting the trail. However, you need to be prepared for crowds. Usually there are larger crowds between 10 AM and 1 PM. Days are a bit longer in June, so going after 2 PM on the Inca Trail is ok. If you choose to go during the evening, it’s imperative to plan so you can avoid being there during the evening/night.

How often does it rain on the Inca Trail in June?

You don’t see a lot of rain on the Inca Trail in June, which is a major plus. In fact, for the most part you will encounter any rain. According to the local weather stations, on average it rains around 1-2 days at most during the month of June. And even then, you have sporadic rain, so nothing too major. It just goes to show that June can be a solid month for visiting the trail.

Exploring the local fauna and flora

You always want to explore the local region and see flora or fauna. Thankfully, here you can do that, and June in particular offers great weather for this type of experience. You can also see deer and some of the rarest flowers as well. During this time, flowers are blooming, so it’s the ideal month to take pictures!
It’s just a sight to behold, and one of the best times to check out the animals in this region. Since the weather is great, that’s when you get to see them. You rarely find them during the rainy season, so this is the best time to check them out.

What items should you take with you during the Inca Trail June trip?

Ideally, you want to take any personal medication and also a safety kit, just in case. Some walking sticks can be a solid inclusion too. And while there, we also recommend taking the time to add some thicker clothes to your bag, especially if you plan on visiting in the early morning or later during the day. Sometimes it can get very cold, so it makes sense to protect yourself adequately. Also, sunscreen can become a necessity as well!

Should you visit the Inca Trail in June?

June is maybe one of the best months when you should visit the Inca Trail. Not only does it offer great weather, but you can also see the local flora and fauna. On the downside, the permits run out fast, since only 500 of them are provided every day. However, with the right planning, you can turn your June vacation on the Inca Trail into an amazing experience. We highly recommend getting permits way ahead of time, just to avoid any issues.

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