Inca Trail in July

Once you enter the dry season, you have a higher chance of dealing with less rain. That makes planning your vacation on the Inca Trail a lot easier. July is also vacation time for a lot of people worldwide, which means locations tend to be very crowded. The Inca Trail is no exception, which means you need to prepare yourself beforehand.
Getting your permits ahead of time is crucial for July. Since this is one of the most in-demand months for the Inca Trail, permits go fast and you might not get one. However, adequate planning is needed, and that’s certainly something to consider.

learn about things to do in july and weather conditions

How’s the weather for the Inca Trail in July?

For the most part, there’s no rain and the weather is very clear. There’s little fog during the morning sometimes, but that goes to show how great the Inca Trail really is during this time. However, as you get closer to the top, you might encounter lower temperatures. That’s why it never hurts to have some thicker clothes if you can.
You will have temperatures from 1 degree to 19 degrees Celsius. But as always, weather can change very quickly in the mountains. It’s known to encounter sporadic rain here and there. So even if it might not seem like an issue at first, rain can still be an issue and you want to fully prepare for it.

Will you find large crowds on the Inca Trail in July?

Absolutely, and that’s mostly due to the weather and great opportunities to visit every landmark. There’s also the downside to large crowds, because you will have a lot of people nearby. That means it’s tougher to take pictures. In addition to that, you will find it easier to get one of the 500 permits for the Inca Trail that day.
So while it can be great to visit Inca Trail in July, you also need to be prepared. Due to the larger crowds and a lot of people in vacation, the overall experience might be more difficult than usual. Yet the upside is that you will have a guide with you and safety comes in numbers.

Can you see the local flora and fauna?

Of course, it’s actually one of the main benefits of visiting Inca Trail in July. You get to encounter many of the local animals and flora as well. Deer in particular tend to be much easier to spot in June and July. Just ensure that you have the right plan and know what locations you want to visit. With the right set of plans in hand, you can reach any destination quickly.
However, due to the larger demand, accommodation and travel costs can be a little higher. Then again, you are visiting the region in its prime time, which is something to consider.

What events can you encounter in July?

In case you go to the Inca Trail in July, it’s around that time when you can join some interesting events. There’s the Virgen del Carmen celebration, along with the Fiestas Patrias. There are processions, parties and concerts on the 16th and 28th respectively, and that’s one of the reasons why we encourage you to visit during this time. These events are great to attend, a lot of fun, and you will certainly enjoy your time in these locations!

Things to bring during your trip

Sunscreen is a necessity, because as you go up the mountains, the sun can be extremely powerful. On top of that, we highly recommend having walking sticks and also thicker clothes. Ascending on the mountains will also bring in lower temperatures, which is why thicker clothes are a necessity. A first aid kit never hurts either, since you want to be prepared for any issues. If you have any medication, take that with you as well.
The Inca Trail is vibrant and full of life during the month of July. Plus, being able to see the local flora and fauna is a very good idea. Yes, it does take a bit of planning with permits and finding accommodation, but overall we think that going to the Inca Trail in July is maybe one of the best ideas!

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