Inca Trail in January

The Inca Trail offers great adventures, lots of stunning sights, and you are bound to enjoy the uniqueness of this region. Exploring the location is a lot of fun, especially during the month of January. If you prepare yourself with raincoats and proper equipment, the Inca Trail 4 days trip can be a stunning adventure. As a bonus, you won’t be dealing with large crowds either.

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How often does it rain on the Inca Trail in January?

It might not seem like it, but the temperatures in the Andes mountains are quite high in January. On average, you have anywhere from 6 to 20 degrees, sometimes more. However, it’s peculiar to know that it’s also the rainiest time of the year in most cases. It tends to rain around 20 days out of 31. That means adequate planning and rain preparation become pivotal if you’re looking to
visit the Inca Trail during this time.

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 4 days experience is great, but you will need some walking sticks and raincoats. That way, you are prepared to deal with the ongoing rain. However, impermeable clothes can be a lifesaver in these situations.

What can you see during your January visit?

The rain is actually helping your experience because the flora in this region thrives. The higher humidity levels make it easy for orchids and a variety of other flowers to grow and showcase their true beauty. In addition, you can also see many water cascades on the slopes. It’s a sight to behold, and one that you will enjoy more than expected.
Despite the fact that it might rain a lot during your Inca Trail 2 days experience, you’ll still have sun coming out in between these short showers. It’s also a benefit in disguise since you can take photos with some amazing rainbows. The flora and beauty of the region add up to deliver an exceptional, one of a kind experience.

What items should you take with you during the Inca Trail 4 days or 2 days trip?

Ideally, you want to have a raincoat and maybe even a change of clothes, since it can be raining quite often during this time. Also, make sure that you take a water bottle to hydrate, along with a medkit and any medical products you need. It’s also a good idea to have hiking sticks and any personal items that are a must-have. A waterproof backpack will also come in handy. Also, a dry bag for smartphones and gadgets is helpful.

Things you need to consider if you’re visiting the Inca Trail in January

Since it rains a lot, you will notice that the stairs and trails in particular can be very slippery. That’s why it might take more time to explore the region, not to mention you need to be more careful. While it can rain most of the day, heavy rainfalls tend to historically be encountered more during the afternoons.
Another thing to note is that campsites can be found on the hillside. Reaching those can be tricky, that’s why you want to have walking sticks and hiking equipment. Avoid any places where the soil feels unstable because it can slide down in some cases. During the early morning, you can also encounter various phenomena like a thick mist. That can make the views less appealing sometimes.

Why should you visit the Inca Trail in January?

• It’s a great way for you to avoid large crowds. January is one of the months that has the least tourists, which makes your time more enjoyable. You can take photos without having to worry about people getting in your way.
• Getting Inca Trail tickets is a lot easier than any other time of the year. Plus, you can also take advantage of many discounts too.
• Despite the ongoing rain, you can take astounding pictures.
• Temperatures are very good even when you are on the mountains. It’s not extremely cold, so you don’t have to carry thick, heavy clothes with you.
• The views are gorgeous, and the flora in particular looks amazing.
The Inca Trail 4-day trip is the ultimate adventure for couples, singles, but also families with kids. You can explore one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. Yes, it can rain quite a bit during January. But with enough preparation and the right guides, you can have an amazing Inca Trail 4 days trip!

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