Inca Trail in February

The legendary Inca Trail is a stunning place to explore, and it keeps you one step closer to human history. That makes you wonder, is it a good idea to visit the Inca Trail in February or should you schedule it for another month? You can read onward to learn more and figure out the right plan for you!

inca trail is closes during February

The Inca Trail is not available during February

If you were looking to go on the Inca Trail during February, then you should know it’s not available for visitors. The entire region is dealing with lots of rain. February in particular is known for being the rainiest month of the year for the region. The reason why they closed the trail is because the trail is very muddy, hard to go through and there’s a higher chance of accidents.
Moreover, locals are making the most out of this time in order to perform maintenance as well. They are repairing any issues found on the Inca Trail, but they also focus on fixing the paths themselves. And on top of that, they also handle composites too. It’s also the time when locals focus more on reforestation. That becomes extremely important, because it allows locals to protect the forest and grow new trees. It’s a very good way to preserve the Inca Trail and make it look incredible for years to come.

Why is the Inca Trail closed only in February?

The reason why February was chosen as the month to close the Inca Trail is easy to understand. Since this is the rainiest month of the entire year, it certainly makes a lot of sense to avoid accidents or any prevalent issues. Rain can be very prevalent and intense during the entire month. That’s why the authorities decided to stop any hiking on the trail. If the weather is relatively ok, they intervene as necessary.
Authorities are using this time for maintenance, to see if there are problems and also repair anything as necessary. Plus, the trail can also be closed at any time due to natural disasters, road blocks or protests. But historically, it’s known to always be closed in February due to rain and maintenance requirements. There are very rare cases where due to weather, the closure can extend a few days after February is over.

When does the Inca Trail reopen?

The trail reopens on the first day of March. Due to the February closure, March can be quite a challenging month to find tickets sometimes, because there’s a high demand. That’s why you want to book your tickets at least a month in advance. It will help you book your spot and secure it beforehand.

Is only the Inca Trail closed during February, or are there other landmarks as well?

The closure of the Inca Trail during February was established in 2002. Since then, the trail and also the 18 parks found on the route are closed for the entire month. Every location has different reasoning. For the Trail, it has to do with conservation and maintenance or repairs. The parks will cover that, but also perform cleanliness, conservation activities, cut vegetation and so on. Those activities are very important and they help preserve the local region in a way that’s very comprehensive and professional.
What we need to consider is that some people will go on the adjacent treks, like the Lares or Salkantay. However, even there the weather conditions are not ideal. You can still explore the local region, but due to the Inca Trail closure, you have many limitations in regards to what you can see and where you can go. With that in mind, you can visit the hot springs at Salinas or check out the museums and Inca ruins.


The Inca Trail is not available in February, and that limits the amount of activities and things that you can do. However, the Inca Trail is still great to explore throughout the entire year. Despite the trail being closed, you still have access to regions like Cusco, which are all-weather destinations. If you want to visit the Inca Trail specifically, postpone your visit for the next month. With that in mind, perform your bookings beforehand to avoid any issues!

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