Inca Trail in December

Going on the Inca Trail in December can be an interesting idea and certainly quite the adventure. For a lot of people, exploring the Inca Trail is a lot of fun, but December as a month certainly has its challenges. It’s one of the months when it can rain quite a bit in Peru, which can make hiking the trail difficult. Yet with the right planning and equipment, you can go and visit the Inca Trail during a time when there are less crowds and people on the trail.

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Is it difficult to acquire permits in December?

Since December is not as sought after for permits, it’s easier to acquire Inca Trail permits during the month. However, there can still be times when there’s high demand. That’s why you always want to acquire those permits that you need at least a month beforehand. After all, it makes the entire vacation planning a lot easier. If you try to book your permits last minute, it might be too late. It’s imperative to get those permits fast, since it makes the entire process much easier and more convenient.

Exploring the Inca Trail in December

What’s interesting is that during December, the vegetation is turning into a greenish color. That can be a sight to behold, and certainly offers an exceptional opportunity to take pictures. In addition, since there are less crowds in general, you can have an amazing time exploring the trail and taking pics without having lots of people in front of the stuff you want to capture.
Once you go to the Inca Trail in December, you need to realize that the trail can be slippery. You need adequate hiking shoes if you want to hike in December, because you will encounter mud and water pools, among others. The upside is that thanks to the intense rain, plants will blossom and look incredible. So there are both pros and cons when it comes to going onto the Inca trail in December.

Does it rain often in December?

During December it’s possible to rain up to 21 days. So around 3 quarters of the time it might rain on the trail. However, it doesn’t always rain the entire day. In fact, most of the time you just have sporadic rain. Sometimes it rains very early during the day, other times it can rain multiple times a day or even the entire day.
It’s important to have a raincoat if you visit the Inca Trail in December. The same thing is valid when it comes to getting a change of clothes. You want to be certain that you have the right amount of spare clothes that are dry and ready to use. Plus, some sunscreen also helps, because at the top the UV rays can be very powerful. Trekking shoes are a must-have, especially if it rains outside. And yes, we also recommend checking the forecast when it comes to the overall visibility and potential weather changes during the day.
You can see a multitude of water cascades on the Inca Trail in December, and you can also see some hummingbirds as well. It’s a great time to explore the trail, even if the weather conditions might not always be optimal. Yet a lot of people are ok with this because there are less crowds, and their experience turns into a very fun and enjoyable adventure.

Things to consider when you visit the Inca Trail in December

Machu Picchu is clouded most of the time, but there are some days with clear skies and no rain. Then again, that’s expected since we are in the rainy season and there are constant weather shifts. It’s imperative to have good boots and waterproof products, as that will help make the entire trip a lot easier. There’s also lower visibility on the mountains in general, and it can rain often especially in the afternoon.

Should you go to the Inca Trail in December?

We think that going to the Inca Trail in December is a great idea, especially if you want to deal with less crowds. There’s plenty of flora and fauna for you to see, and the best part is that you can find permits with more ease when compared to other months. Granted, the weather is not as good, but if you check the weather forecast and plan accordingly, you can have a great experience!

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