Inca Trail in April

Embarking on the Inca Trail in April is an extraordinary and quite interesting adventure. It’s easy to see why, because most of the locals agree the prime time for visiting this location is anywhere from April to October. April is the beginning of the dry season, and it’s also close to the peak season for going onto the trail. What we need to keep in mind is that the Inca Trail still has certain limitations. Yet despite that, going onto the trail during these times is one of the best ideas, and it’s well worth the trip.

best time in the year to explore inca trail

Why is April a good month for visiting the Inca Trail?

It always comes down to your expectations and why you are visiting the trail in the first place. Generally, you want to visit in April because you have clear skies and less rain when compared to the previous months. Rain can still appear here and there, but it’s not as common when you compare this month with March or February. It never hurts to prepare beforehand for any weather changes!
Moreover, there are less crowds in April when compared to other months. Despite the fact that the weather is good, this is not a month when people tend to take vacations. Summer months have a much higher demand, and that’s why you will notice visiting the Inca Trail in April is a better idea. If you dislike dealing with crowds, then it makes a lot of sense to visit during the month of April.
Another benefit is the fact that you have clearer skies over the Machu Picchu area. That’s great because you can see the ruins without encountering a lot of mist or other similar problems. Instead, you can take great pictures and not worry about the weather at all, which is always great to have!

Should you book permits in advance?

Only 500 permits are offered per day. While you can get one, it might be difficult so you want to prepare beforehand. If you want to enter the Inca Trail and guarantee your travel during a specific time, it’s imperative to book beforehand. Sometimes permits are easier to obtain, other times less so.

Is it safe to go onto the Inca Trail in April?

April is a very safe month if you want to travel on the Inca Trail. We think it’s a great month because you have more time to explore the trail, there are lots of safety measures, and overall the weather is great too. However, this is also a month when you have to deal with mosquitoes. That means you have to prepare yourself with the right anti-mosquito treatments if possible. Also, during the early times of the day, you can experience quite a lot of fog at times.
That’s why the ideal time to visit the Inca Trail in April might be from 8-9 AM onward. The later you visit the trail, the more challenging it will be since you are dealing with crowds. But the views are clearer, so there are pros and cons to be had as well.
Choose the end of April if you want to have the best weather. If you want smaller crowds in general, the beginning of April tends to be the ideal time. It also comes down to your schedule and when you want to visit the trail, also how much time you can spend there.

Things to consider when going on the Inca Trail in April

We recommend having sunscreen and clothing for more problematic weather. Sometimes the weather in the Andes is not going to be very good. It’s unpredictable, so thicker clothes will help quite a bit. We also recommend having a mosquito repellent as we mentioned earlier. A hat is also helpful, just like walking sticks are as well.
We believe that visiting the Inca Trail in April is a great idea, especially if you want to explore the region and enjoy its amazing views. There are plenty of things to do and stuff to see here, not to mention the weather is generally great. You still have to check the forecast and perform some due diligence, but it’s totally worth giving it a try!

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