Humantay Lake in May

It’s always a good idea to plan your trip to anywhere based on weather and if there are too many crowds. Ideally, if you want to visit Humantay Lake in May, it’s imperative to plan adequately and focus on the experience. The challenge with Humantay is that sometimes there can be too many crowds, and that might detract you from the experience as a whole. But if you know how to plan adequately and focus on the process, it’s well worth it.

Most people want to know if it’s a good idea to visit Humantay Lake in May or not. It always comes down to the weather. But since May is at the beginning of the dry season, you mostly have sunny days. That’s not always going to be the norm though. You still have to check the weather forecast and prepare accordingly. Plus, it never hurts to have thicker clothes in general. When you go up the mountains, the weather is not always going to be the best.


What is the typical weather like on Humantay Lake in May

As we mentioned earlier, the Humantay Lake weather is great. The main focus for most of us is to visit Humantay and have a very good time. Since it’s during the dry season, May offers a pretty good time for anyone trying to visit this place. Of course, there are challenges that arise when it comes to the weather changes. But those are sporadic and that alone is always going to bring in a fun time.
With that being said, Humantay Lake alone is always going to bring in a nice, excellent experience in May. That’s because the day time temperatures are between 10 and 18 degrees Celsius. It’s an ideal weather to explore the region and take pictures without worrying about issues. Granted, there can still be some rain here and there. But since it’s the dry season, that’s an exception and not the norm. As long as you prepare yourself for some potential rain, you will be more than ok.

Pros and cons for visiting Humantay Lake in May

• The weather is generally very good during the month of May. That makes it one of the better times to visit Humantay Lake, which is exactly what a lot of people want to see. However, there can still be some sporadic rain, so try to keep that in mind.
• It’s not a time when you have the most crowds. Yes, there are more people when compared to the rainy season. But in general, it’s still the perfect time to have good weather and fewer people. That combination makes it idea for anyone trying to visit the region.
• Prices are not overly expensive. You can still prepare a great trip around Humantay Lake and the neighboring region. And that will not break the bank, you can stick to your budget.

• The downside is that you can still encounter lots of people if you go between 9 AM and 11 PM. That’s not always the norm, but there are plenty of crowds that you encounter at times.

What is the optimal time of day for visiting Humantay Lake in May?

We would recommend going to Humantay Lake in the early morning. 6 to 9 AM is still maybe the ideal time to explore Humantay Lake without having to deal with tons of crowds. As aforementioned, once you get past 10 AM, then crowds are more abundant. That’s not an issue for everyone, but some people want more privacy. And if you are in that category, then it makes sense to try and go earlier in the morning. Alternatively, you can go after 1 PM, but remember to avoid getting back after sundown.

Are clear vistas during the Humantay Lake in May?

Generally, there are great vistas of Humantay Lake in May. Some mist can appear during the morning and there are small chances of rain. But those would be the only detractors, if any. For the most part, May is a great time for you to visit Humantay, since it offers a great blend of weather and vistas.
Tips for hiking Humantay Lake in May
Try to get thick clothes with you, in case the weather gets very cold as you go up the mountain. A first aid kit and some trekking poles can also help more than you imagine. We would also recommend a variety of other items, if you need things like medicine for example, and a bottle of water to hydrate. Don’t hesitate to take a first aid kit with you too, just to stay safe.
Overall, May is a good month for visiting the Humantay Lake. It gives you plenty of benefits, like good weather and not as many crowds as the months to follow. So if you want to go to Humantay, it makes sense to think about the month of May as a good option!

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