Humantay Lake in March

One of the months when people go to Humantay Lake often tends to be March. The reason behind that is you’re getting to enjoy the changing of seasons and a stunning view. There’s no denying that coming off from rainier months, you might be asking if it’s fine to go there in March or not. But we are here to let you know the benefits of visiting Humantay Lake in March, if this is a good month or not, and how you can prepare yourself for visiting Humantay during the month. 

weather conditions

Are clear vistas during the Humantay Lake in March?

Generally, the weather is mild, and you won’t have to deal with any major challenges. As always, there will be some instability here and there, especially as you go up the mountain. But you don’t need to worry about constant rain or anything like that. Which means there will be clear vistas, at least for the most part.

Knowing when to go is what becomes important here. You want to know exactly what’s the ideal time to visit Humantay Lake in March, so you can avoid any rain or mist. Once you get past that, you can have a very clear view without worrying about downsides. 

Tips for hiking Humantay Lake in March

Generally, Humantay Lake’s region is dry in March, with very little problems for hikers. What that also means is that as you hike towards Humantay, you will not have mud or any issues, like in the rainier months. It’s still a good idea to have hiking poles, since they help increase your stability. Other than that, thicker clothes are very helpful, since they can prevent a lot of potential issues, like wetness.

Aside from thick clothes, you also want to wear sunscreen. UV rays can be powerful as you move up the mountain. That’s why protecting yourself against them is a major priority and a thing you have to keep in mind. We also recommend bringing in a first aid kit. You never know what issues can arise when you go up the mountain, so a first aid kit and some medical products are always very useful. 

What is the typical weather like on Humantay Lake in March?

Typically, you can expect the weather on Humantay Lake to be dry during the month of March. Of course there are some days when it might rain. However, it’s mostly sporadic rain. So it won’t affect your experience that much. Still, having some clothes that protect you against rain is a great idea. It all comes down to checking the weather forecast and being prepared for stuff like that. In the end, the experience will be much better, especially if you prepare beforehand. 

What is the optimal time of day for visiting Humantay Lake in March?

Every person has their own preference when it comes to visiting Humantay Lake. Some will be ok with visiting during the month of March because there are less crowds in general. But even during this month, you can sometimes deal with more crowds than expected. For example, if the weather is very good and clear, it’s possible to have tons of crowds, especially between 10 AM and 1 PM. 

Crowds tend to disperse and be less prevalent after 1 PM, so that can be a good time to visit. However, you are also pushed back by sunset, you want to avoid getting down from Humantay Lake in complete darkness. 

That’s why we think the ideal time to visit Humantay Lake is actually in the early morning. Between 6 and 9 AM tends to be the ideal time to visit Humantay, because the only potential issue would be any mist that accumulates. But even that will disperse sooner rather than later.

Pros and cons for visiting Humantay Lake in March


• Going to Humantay Lake during March is a great idea if your focus is to try and visit the region without a lot of pressure. There are less crowds, and the transition between the rainy and dry season makes March a perfect time to check out this location.

• Due to it being a more transitional time, you will have less crowds, and that also means more discounts from local providers. It’s a solid time to visit Humantay, and also spend less money. That alone can be a great thing to take into consideration, so use that as an advantage if you can.

• March is a great time for you to enjoy a very tranquil, incredible experience as you listen to the sounds of nature and water, while also not dealing with slippery roads.


• There is still some rain here and there. That means you have to take precautions and prepare yourself.


As a whole, March is a great month for anyone that wants to visit Humantay Lake. It’s an exciting time to not only explore Humantay, but also do that with less crowds in general. In case you value privacy and want to avoid any pressure from larger crowds, it’s a good idea to visit Humantay in March, just prepare yourself for sporadic rain!

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