Humantay Lake in January

Trying to find out the ideal time for visiting Humantay Lake can be tricky. Some months are ideal for visiting Humantay Lake, others are still great, but they need extra preparation. For most people, going to this place is a serene, out of this world experience. You can also take some incredible pictures, regardless of the season. With that in mind, is it a good idea to visit Humantay Lake in January? How can you prepare for a visit this month? 

What is the typical weather like on Humantay Lake in January?

January is in the middle of the rainy season. That means it’s very common and possible to encounter rain often, which can have its fair share of challenges. The benefit you get from visiting Humantay in January is that there are way less people. In general, when the weather is not ideal, crowds are smaller. In doing so, you have a much better experience and you can take photos in a more relaxed manner.

Plus, while it does rain often in Humantay Lake’s region during January, that’s not happening all the time. You can still have days without rain, where the road is dry and that alone can bring a fun experience. It’s important to check the forecast and do whatever you can to prepare accordingly. Although as always, having access to the right tools and clothing appropriate for the rainy season is what will help you quite a bit. Ensure that you bring clothes and things that keep you warm, those will make the entire experience of visiting Humantay Lake a much better one.

Pros and cons for visiting Humantay Lake in January


• Since the weather can be a bit more challenging, you will have less crowds to deal with. That’s an advantage, because a lot of visitors dislike the idea of dealing with a very large crowd. They prefer more privacy, and you get that if you visit Humantay Lake in January.

• In some cases, prices are lower, and you might have discounts for various tours. If you’re on a budget, then it makes sense to visit during the month of January, for example. 

• You can find a guide with ease, and they will help you navigate the region safely, without challenges.


• Weather can change at the blink of an eye sometimes. That’s why you need to check the weather forecast and prepare yourself for any weather changes accordingly.

• Sometimes the trails can be slippery and muddy, so extra attention is required while hiking


Tips for hiking Humantay Lake in January

If you choose to hike Humantay Lake in January, the best thing you can do is to take warm clothes with you. Also, protective clothes that keep you safe from rain are a priority. Even a change of clothes can help, in case you end up dealing with some extra rain. Aside from that, some hiking poles can help too, since they add extra stability against the treacherous terrain.

You can also take a survival kit or a first aid kit, along with some general medical products. It’s a valid thing to have regardless of the season. That way, you are protected against any possible issues that can arise. 

What is the optimal time of day for visiting Humantay Lake in January?

Going to the Humantay Lake in the early morning is what you want to do. Not only do you have enough time to reach the lake, but it’s a much better experience. After 10 AM, that’s when most of the crowds will appear. Plus, if you go after 1 PM, it can get dark when you get back from the lake. So in general, going early mornings is the better approach.

Are clear vistas during the Humantay Lake in January?

Sometimes it will rain, so the views won’t be great. There’s also some mist here and there. But in general, you will have great views if you visit Humantay in January. Unless there’s heavy rain, but you can avoid those dates by checking the forecast beforehand. 

As a whole, visiting Humantay Lake in January is a great idea, but you need to prepare yourself. That means you must take the right precautions, including thicker and warmer clothes. However, in general we found that January is a hidden gem when it comes to all the other months. Visiting Humantay in January gives you access to less crowds and more privacy. Many visitors are looking for that, which makes January a solid month for visiting Humantay Lake!

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