Humantay Lake in February

Going to Humantay Lake during February can be an interesting idea, since it’s one of the less crowded seasons. But it’s also the time when Cusco tends to have the most rain. Is it still a good time to visit Humantay during this month or not? Let’s find out!

Are clear vistas during the Humantay Lake in February?

February is right in the middle of the of the rainy season. That means there is some weather instability. While it won’t rain all the time, it does rain quite often in February. Does that affect the views? It depends on how intense the rain is. Very intense rain is more prevalent in February, but aside from those situations, the views are still very good.
What that means is that you can visit Humantay Lake in February and still have an exceptional time. However, since it’s during the rainy season, you must take proper clothes with you. Warmer, thicker clothes become a priority. Other than that, you will have a great experience!

What is the typical weather like on Humantay Lake in February?

As we said earlier, it rains quite a lot in the Humantay Lake region during February. That means you need to ensure you are fully prepared for weather changes. These can become more prevalent during the month of February. Adequate preparation can go a long way. It’s crucial to ensure that you avoid severe weather warnings. That’s why you need to check the weather forecast. Once you do that, it becomes much easier to explore the lake.

Pros and cons for visiting Humantay Lake in February

• Generally, February is one of those months when there are less crowds. Weather changes usually lead to less people visiting the Humantay Lake. It can be a gamechanger when you want to avoid crowds and not worry about people entering your shot while taking pictures.
• You will notice that trips during February tend to have less pressure. Since there are less people visiting, that means you can actually enjoy your time there.
• It’s also possible to find discounts for your travel during the month of February. That can be a great way to visit Humantay Lake without dealing with crowds, and while also saving money.

• The weather can be tricky during the month of February. It’s a month known for heavy rains. However, that doesn’t mean it rains constantly. You can still have good weather. But you must prepare yourself for bad weather, just to stay safe.
• Sometimes you can experience slight delays in scheduling due to bad weather. It’s not very common, but it can happen at times.

What is the optimal time of day for visiting Humantay Lake in February?

If you plan on visiting Humantay Lake in February, it’s ideal to visit in the early morning. Going in the afternoon after 1 PM can also be a good idea. Between 10 AM and 1 PM you usually have the most crowds. Anywhere before or after that time will be enough. That being said, if you go early morning, you might experience some mist, which means you might not have the best way to take photos. But if you wait for a bit, that will eventually go away.
Go to Humantay between 6 to 9 AM, and you will avoid crowds. It’s an exceptional way for you to not only have a pleasant experience, but you’ll also eliminate pressure and anxiety coming from other visitors. In general, there’s more privacy, and that’s exactly what most people are looking for when visiting Humantay in the first place.

Tips for hiking Humantay Lake in February

If you visit Humantay Lake in February, a good idea is to take rain clothes with you. While it doesn’t rain constantly, February is one of those months that tend to have the most rain. That means you have to be prepared with anti-rain, thicker clothes. Making sure that you have clothes which help you stay warm is a priority.
Aside from that, you can also get a first aid kit and medical products to enhance safety. Vitamins can also be a good option. Keep in mind that the sun can be very powerful as you go up on the mountains, so anything to protect you against UV rays, like sunscreen, is a solid option.
Visiting Humantay Lake in February can be a good idea, if you prepare yourself for any potential rainy days. Those can appear at times, but checking the weather and preparing accordingly with adequate clothes can help solve any issue!

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