Humantay Lake in December

Humantay Lake In December is one of the natural beauties of Peru, and a stunning place to visit at least once in your lifetime. You get to see the majestic, stunning Andes mountains, along with this extraordinary turquoise lake. However, figuring out the best time to visit Humantay Lake can be difficult. Should you go to Humantay Lake in December or should you go in another month? Let’s find out!


What is the typical weather like on Humantay Lake in December?

December is one of the months that can be rainy, but you can still visit with the right precautions. You might have a rain-free day, without tons of people around the lake. That makes for some great pictures and a very good time.
The first days of December tend to have less rain, but as you progress through the month, you might encounter more frequent rain. Get a rainsuit and an umbrella, along with thicker clothes. If you are prepared, the Humantay Lake experience in December can be a breeze, so you should totally give it a shot.

What is the optimal time of day for visiting Humantay Lake in December?

If you visit Humantay Lake in December, a good idea is to go there during the early morning. That allows you to stay away from crowds, plus the hike can take a couple of hours too. But, you can take pictures and not worry about people getting into your shot.
In case you go between 10 AM and 1 PM, you have clear skies, but also a lot more people. Any time after that is also fine, during the afternoon. The only thing to worry is that if you go too late, you might be hiking back in the dark, and that can pose some dangers. So, ideally you want to go during the morning, but later during the day is fine too. Plan your trip properly, so you can see as much as possible.

Are clear vistas during the Humantay Lake in December?

It depends on whether the weather is rainy or not. For the most part, you will not encounter a lot of rain in the early parts of the month. However, if you do go to the Humantay Lake in December, you always want to have protection against rain, since it might appear out of nowhere. The weather in the Andes is usually unpredictable, so thick clothes and rain protection is a must, regardless of the month. But that becomes mandatory especially in December.

Pros and cons for visiting Humantay Lake in December

• Exploring Humantay Lake during December is a great idea if you want to avoid crowds
• During some of the days, you will have clear weather and great vistas, which helps add to the excitement of the experience
• Accommodation during December can sometimes be cheaper when compared to other months
• You can take clear photos, since there aren’t a ton of people around
• It’s possible to connect with some of the local flora and fauna
• You can find many deals and travel cheaper
• The weather is usually colder than other months, and there’s a high chance of rain
• The trail can turn muddy, so you need extra equipment
• You need to carry enough equipment to protect yourself against the rain

Tips for hiking Humantay Lake in December

Regardless of what month you are visiting Humantay Lake in, you always have to take a medical kit with you. After all, hiking for hours in the mountains is dangerous, so taking your medication and a first aid kit will also help a lot. Taking plenty of water with you is also recommended, so you can hydrate properly.
When it comes to visiting during December, you want to avoid smoking and alcohol, because those can lead to altitude sickness due to shortness of breath. Tea can be handy, since it also keeps you warm as well.
In addition, we always recommend getting thicker clothes, along with trekking poles and some really good boots. That’s especially true for December, since some of the trails can be muddy due to the rainy season. Being prepared for that will help prevent any issues!


You can go to Humantay Lake in December if you want to stay away from crowds. It’s a stunning place with immersive visuals and you can take some great photos too. Just ensure that you check the weather forecast and take rain equipment with you, in case you are dealing with any rainfall.

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