Red Valley Peru 

If you’re looking for some of the best things to do in Cusco, then the Red Valley Peru is one of the best options. Exploring the Red Valley Cusco will bring you an exciting, fun and enthralling experience, while also opening up a tremendous array of opportunities. During the past decade tourism exploded in Red Valley because people want to see these amazing landscapes and colorful mountains. 

In many ways, exploring the Red Valley Vinicunca feels like exploring Mars. It seems like a barren wasteland filled with red and orange coloring in every direction. There’s a very contrasting landscape that’s stunning and unique, and you will find the Red Valley to impress you with every step you take. On top of that, the Red Valley trek itself is filled with tons of cool things to see.

Is it worth it to hike Red Valley Peru? 

Going to the Red Valley Peru is an amazing idea. The Red Valley trek itself has a moderate difficulty, and you will find it very enjoyable, albeit somewhat difficult too. This is a hike that a lot of people will feel to be a little complicated, and it mostly has to do with the increasing altitude.
But if you get past that, the Red Valley trek is incredible, since you get to enjoy fresh, thick air and some astonishing vistas. Depending on your starting point, the Red Valley Peru hike will take you a few hours, but it will also be a very enjoyable and exploratory experience. 
A lot of people choose the Red Valley Peru trek because you get to see the amazing red coloring of the mountains and soil. These stand out, especially if you want to take pictures. Another advantage of the Red Valley is that it has less traffic when compared to Rainbow Mountain for example. So if you want a more solitary experience on your own or with the group and not worry about encountering a lot of people, this is a great idea. 

What is special about Red Valley? 

One of the major advantages of the Red Valley Cusco is the fact that it has a variety of ravines and mountains that are colored in red. It really feels like you are on Mars, and the visuals themselves are unlike anything that you can find on our planet. On top of that, the Red Valley hike is not very long, it takes a few hours. Although there are tours that can take up to a few hours, if you are more adventurous and want to try something different.
Aside from that, the Red Valley trek will also bring in a lot of stunning vistas. You might even see lots of alpacas and llamas along the way. And while the hike itself is not that dangerous, you do need a pretty good physical condition to attempt it. This is a moderate hike which a lot of people will like, and it’s a very good idea to try it out especially if you are with a group. 

Red Valley Peru weather

If you plan on visiting the Red Valley Peru, it’s a great idea to understand the local weather and what changes you can expect. According to locals, the best time to visit Red Valley is between March and November. The region is known for major weather changes, many of which come out of nowhere. During the winter you can expect snowfall and heavy rain, so it’s not recommended. 
Generally, the Red Valley Cusco temperatures are very low. You do need to have multiple layers of clothing and apply sunscreen often, not to mention you need to invest in high quality equipment. Another interesting thing is that if you take coca leaves with you, these will help with the potential altitude sickness that can appear.  

Is Red Valley Peru a hard hike?

Most people that attempted the Red Valley trek said that this is a moderate hike. The increasing altitude and thinning air make it a bit more difficult than a normal hike. That’s why it’s recommended to have at least some hiking experience. But for the most part, this is not a complex, hard hike. Yet you do need to be in a good physical condition and purchase adequate equipment. Other than that, you will be fine. 

 Can you go Red Valley Peru without guide? 

Technically you could attempt the Red Valley Cusco hike without a guide. If you have the right equipment and maps, it might work. The problem that appears is that guides know the region very well, you don’t. So unless you were here before and have a lot of hiking experience, it’s not recommended to go alone. The temperatures here are very low and there are things that might go wrong, so having an expert to guide you during the trek is extremely important. 

How long is the walk to Red Valley Peru? 

The Red Valley hike will take around 2 hours from Cusco to the Rainbow Mountain and the Red Valley. If you choose to go from the Rainbow Mountain to the Red Valley, then the trek is just 1.5 km, so under 1 hour, usually 40 to 45 minutes. There are kestrels, Andean condors, vicunas and the llamas along the way that will make this trek exciting and downright spectacular.      

What is the best month to go to Red Valley Peru?

We think the best time to visit Red Valley is during the summer, between June and August. However, this is also when most people choose to visit Red Valley Peru, and that means you can expect crowds. It’s a good idea to avoid the wet season, because you can encounter low clouds and high chances of rain. Not only is the trek more difficult because of that, but it also ends up obscuring your views. That’s why going during the summer is a better idea, but you can expect crowds.  

Does it snow in Red Valley Cusco? 

Yes, even if it’s not very common, there is a possibility of dealing with snow in Red Valley Peru, especially at the higher altitudes. That’s why you need to be very well prepared when you visit Red Valley. It’s very possible that the weather here changes drastically even during the day, so having the best equipment is important. Also having a guide does help a lot, since guides are always prepared in a situation like this. 

Recommendations for Red Valley

If you attempt visiting the Red Valley Cusco, we recommend you bring in multiple clothes, ideally you should have more than one layer of clothing. Sunscreen is also recommended, since the UV rays are very powerful here. You also want to get a sun hat, and it’s important to stay hydrated too, so having water is crucial as well. We also recommend getting trekking or running shoes. Coca leaves can be great against altitude sickness too.
Visiting the Red Valley Cusco is a great idea if you want to explore this amazing part of the world and see some rather incredible sights. The red coloring combined with the ability to see a wide array of wildlife makes it well worth it. We recommend checking it out especially if you want an exciting, incredible adventure in Peru!

Red Valley Map

Explore red valley is very easy to go but it is very important you have a great physical condition and not altitude sickness, then will be enjoyable to explore this area.
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