All About Circuit 2 Ruta Terraza Inferior

If you want to experience one of the most engaging, fun and exciting circuits in Machu Picchu 2024, then the Ruta Terraza Inferior can be a solid option. What makes it great is that you can explore Machu Picchu in all its glory, while also checking out the lower terrace as well, hence the name of this route. When it comes to its length, the Ruta Terraza Inferior takes around 2.5 hours to complete, it’s very immersive and it gets you close to the local history, not to mention you can learn a huge amount of things along the way.

Can I take the typical picture of Machu Picchu?

Many travelers ask this question, and the answer is yes, you can take the famous Machu Picchu photo with your ticket.

Why should you try out the Ruta Terraza Inferior?

Ruta Terraza Inferior abides to the new rules for Machu Picchu visit in 2024. In addition, it’s a route that has all the info and amazing things you always wanted to see in the region. It’s meant to deliver an exceptional way of exploring Machu Picchu’s temples and inner locations. You get to cover some of the most important temples, and it’s also one of the best circuits in Machu Picchu if you want to take the classic Machu Picchu pictures as well.

When is the Ruta Terraza Inferior open?

You can embark in the Ruta Terraza Inferior whenever Machu Picchu is open. Unlike other routes or treks in the region, this one is available year-long. That adds to the appeal of the route, and the fact that it’s also covering a great part of Machu Picchu also works to its advantage.

What can you see on the Ruta Terraza Inferior?

  • The route starts right at the beginning, at the entryway of Machu Picchu. From here you will go to the Platforma Inferior, so you can actually see some of the lower terraces. And then you will be able to see Machu Picchu and visit Foso Seco on the way.
  • From Foso Seco you go to the Mirador del Templo Del Sol, and then the Caos Granitico right near it. Caos Granitico is filled with unused stones that were supposed to be a part of the complex. A lot of people take pictures at the Temple of the Sun and this location as well.
  • Moving onward, you will get to see the Plaza de los Templos, and right after you go to the Piramide de Intiwatana. The route culminates at the Roca Sagrade, which has a major cultural significance, it was considered as a sacred monolith by the locals as well.
  • From there, you descend to the Doce Vanos and Qolqas Orientales. And then you have a larger area where you can find the Conjunto Espejos de Agua, the Plaza del Pisonay, Templo del Condor and the Reserva Arqueologica.
  • Once you explore those places, you will get back to the entry/exit point and finish the Ruta Terraza Inferior experience.

Is the route designed for kids as well?

The Ruta Terraza Inferior is designed to provide a great experience for people of all ages. Make sure that you check with the guide beforehand, but in general kids will be able to enter the route and enjoy this experience. As we mentioned earlier, the route itself will take only 2.5 hours, maybe even less in some cases. The best part is that you can still have time to take pictures along the way, which is what makes this experience more engaging and rewarding.

The route itself is not tricky or unsafe, and that’s why you get to enjoy it with your family, if you want. Another benefit is the fact that along the way, you can see some of the wildlife, including alpacas and other animals. The fact that you also get to immerse yourself into the beauty of the region and learn more about the local culture of the Machu Picchu inhabitants is what sets this route apart.

Plus, you get to cover some of the major locations in Machu Picchu. There are ample situations where you can take a break and some photos if you want, too. All of that, combined with the great info offered by the guides about each of the locations is exciting and it adds to the beauty of exploring this old city. On top of that, one of the best things about choosing Ruta Terraza Inferior is that it’s not a shorth experience. You still get to see everything meaningful, without having to expand towards one of the longer routes.

Closing thoughts

There’s no denying that the Ruta Terraza Inferior is an incredible, visually stunning route that gives you the means to explore Machu Picchu at your own leisure. You get the option to see some of the temples, immerse yourself into the local architecture, but also learn more about how the city was thought out. In fact, you even get to enjoy the lower terraces too. All of that makes the Ruta Terraza Inferior one of the most interesting ways to enjoy and explore Machu Picchu!

Ruta Terraza Inferior

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