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The Ruta Clasico Disenada, also known as the classic route, is one of the most interesting ways to reach Machu Picchu and explore it in a wonderful, unique setting. The route is designed to get you through the inner city of Machu Picchu and explore all the stunning locations spread throughout the entire complex.

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How much time does the Ruta Clasico Disenada take?

Despite the fact that new routes were made, the Ruta Clasico Disenada is still one of the most popular options. In general, this route will take you around 2.5 hours. However, it’s the safest if you want to explore Machu Picchu, especially when you are with your family.

What does the Ruta Clasico Disenada entail?

  • You start at the gate, and then you head in the left side, when you will reach Foso Seco. The entire route is very well marked, and that allows you to focus on exploration, without diminishing the experience.
  • After that, you get to the Templo del Sol, one of the most beautiful architectural establishments in this complex. The views are incredible here, and it’s one of the nicest places where you can take pictures.
  • From the temple, you go right to the Caos Granitico, a very interesting rock formation. These are known to be stones that were supposed to be used for the city. However, they were uncut or partially. They were unused, hence the reason you can find them in this particular location.
  • After that, you go to the Plaza de Los Templos and the Piramide del Intiwatana. Both of them are some of the most sought-after places in the complex, they look stunning. It’s another great place for you to take photos as well.
  • From that, you move onward along the Plaza Principal to the Roca Sagrada. It’s a great walk where you get to see the beauty of this sacred monolith, a very important part of the Incan culture.
  • Once you reach Roca Sagrada, you will go back towards the entry/exit of the complex. The first things you see on the way down are the Doce Vanos and the Qolqas Orientales.
  • In your way to the end of the tour, you get to see the Templo del Condor, one of the most beautiful temples in the region. From there, you go to the Plaza del Pisonay and then lastly you visit the Reserva Arqueologica. After you visit them, you go around the terraces as you reach the end of the classic route.
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Why do people prefer Ruta Clasico Disenada?

The main focus of the Ruta Clasico Disenada is to ensure that you see all the major points of Machu Picchu. Sure, you won’t see everything, but there’s a large amount of stuff covered here. And on top of that, you get access to some incredible photo opportunities. The fact that you can check some of the major sights in Machu Picchu in roughly 2.5 hours is ideal, because the trek to Machu Picchu itself can also take quite a bit.

Of course, there are other routes that will take you a bit further than the Machu Picchu complex. Yet if you are very passionate about exploring this amazing old city, then the Ruta Clasico Disenada will be the ideal option. It’s easy to explore, and it delivers access to some amazing sights too. The circuit abides to the new Machu Picchu regulations from July 1st, and it’s one of the iconic routes that you can take. A lot of people love this route because it’s engaging, unique and it offers something very different.

There are other benefits, like:

  • Seeing the Incan constructions with the utmost detail.
  • It’s possible to see the water channels and various carved stones.
  • You get close to the temples and see them in their natural beauty.
  • Kids can enjoy this route too, it’s not meant just for adults, which is a great thing.
  • You can see the Temple of the Sun, which is one of the top destinations in the Machu Picchu complex.
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Can you see some of the houses in the Machu Picchu complex?

Yes, the Ruta Clasico Disenada is designed from the ground up to give you a great view of the location and region itself. You can see houses and colcas as you get on the lower platforms. You have access to many points where you can take pictures. And the route itself is very safe, convenient, available for people of all ages. Some places like Intihuatana have been closed temporarily, but you can access all those locations quickly and with very good results.

All in all, the Ruta Clasico Disenada is one of the best routes you can take if you want to see Machu Picchu in 2.5 hours. These routes are available with a guide too, so you get to learn a lot about the locals, their culture, how the city was built and many others. Plus, you abide to the new rules for Machu Picchu visit in 2024. Visit one of the best circuits in Machu Picchu right now if you go for the Ruta Clasico Disenada!

Ruta Clasico Diseñada

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