10 interesting Facts about Ausangate 7 Lakes Peru   

If you’re looking to explore Peru in all of its glory, there’s more to it than just Machu Picchu. One of the destinations that you definitely need to try out is Ausangate 7 Lakes, a wonderful and enthralling place with breathtaking vistas you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Whether you are a seasoned hiker or you just want to explore an amazing location with unique regions and just a one of a kind history, the Ausangate Lakes should be right up your alley. 

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1. Is it worth it to hike Ausangate 7 Lakes Peru?

We always want to visit places that are unique, different and also very impressive when it comes to story. And that’s where the Ausangate 7 Lakes stand out, because this is one of those places where you can see the history of the region. You get to view firsthand how these lakes were formed, while also enjoying some of the local fauna and flora. There are alpacas, chinchillas and tons of plants here, a testament to the serene beauty of the entire place. That’s what truly makes it one of a kind.
On top of that, the main appeal for the Ausangate experience is certainly the tranquility of this experience. When you explore new locations, you always want to find something that’s different, yet still very impressive and distinct. That’s what Ausangate 7 Lakes brings to the table. It’s one of those places that keeps on giving and it allows you to see the true peace and quiet of various remote locations. Going to the Ausangate lakes and being able to visit them as a part of a tour is very fulfilling, and it shows you one of the many cool things that our planet has to offer.
You’ll also like that you can make a variety of great stops alone the way. The Ausangate Lakes are a sight to behold, but you also have the opportunity to connect with some of the local communities. It’s amazing and it just goes to show the uniqueness of this space. Plus, you get to test and also improve your hiking skills by joining a very fulfilling, interesting experience. 
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2. What is special about Ausangate 7 Lakes? 

For starters, the Ausangate 7 Lakes are within the region of the Ausagante mountain, a large mountain that’s 6348 meters high. On top of that, the Ausangate 7 Lakes trip will bring you close to other large mountains, some even have a lot of snow on them. As we mentioned earlier, the opportunity to see birds, native flowers, vicunas, alpacas and llamas is amazing, and a true sign of the great opportunities being brought to the table. 
Needless to say, the location is visually impressive and you have some breathtaking vistas where you can take memorable photos. You can also go to the hot springs in Pacchanta if you want, something that does provide an extraordinary experience. It’s certainly the type of thing that everyone will like to try out at least once. 

3. Where are the Ausangate 7 lakes?

You can find the Ausangate 7 Lakes at around 120 km from Cusco. They are within the Quipicanchis province. When you get to the Ausangate Lakes, you will notice that some of them have a turquoise coloring. What’s important to keep in mind is that many of these color changes come from melting waters that are washing all or some of the pulverized minerals. These end up deposited in the lake waters. Yet unlike other sediments, it doesn’t sink. It just stays at the top of the water, thus bringing in this unique set of visuals you rarely see anywhere in the world.
That’s the thing that makes Ausangate a delight to visit, because not only is it a fun hike and a great exercise of your skills, but going there and basking into the beauty of this place is just a one of a kind experience you never want to miss. 

Ausangate 7 lakes weather

Like most of the weather in Peru, the Ausangate 7 Lakes weather is quite difficult to estimate. In general, the temperatures are not extremely low, but you will have sun for an hour or two, then it gets cloudy. During the day you can find temperatures up to 25 degrees Celsius, then again during the night those can drop significantly down to -10 degrees Celsius. So yes, there is quite an extreme drop that can happen at times, and things get even worse during the winter. 
This is the reason why you need great clothes to deal with this kind of situation. It becomes more and more important to ensure that you have some extra clothes to deal with the cold, especially if you’re up there as the sun goes down. It gets very chilly, so adequate protection is pretty much mandatory for a location like this one. Which is exactly why you need to take it into consideration.  
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4. Is Ausangate 7 Lakes Peru a hard hike? 

When you want to hike the Ausangate Lakes, you will notice that the difficulty increases as you go along. At first, the hike is quite simple, there’s not a whole lot of elevation to deal with. Yet as time goes by, you will notice that the Ausangate 7 Lakes hike becomes more and more difficult. It’s definitely a medium-difficulty hike in general, but it’s an uncommon one for people that are not really accustomed with the region and more challenging hikes.
What we recommend is to grab adequate hiking equipment and focus on making this experience as safe as possible. Durable, high quality hiking shoes are a necessity here, especially as you get close to the Ausangate Lakes. It does take a bit of time to get used to the elevation and location, but for the most part it will be a delight to embark in this experience. 

5. Can you go to Ausangate 7 Lakes Peru without guide?

Generally, you can go into such a hike without a guide, if you know what you are doing. The thing to note here is that a guide is not mandatory if you choose to hike the Ausangate 7 Lakes. However, it’s highly recommended that you go with people that know this region very well. It can be very easy to get lost in there, not to mention that hikes here do have their fair share of dangers. That’s especially true as the elevations start kicking in and you end up finding it more difficult to reach the lakes.
Each one of the tours that have their own guides also come with their fair share of rules. Generally when you enter a tour they have a guide, oxygen tanks, packed lunch and also offer entrance tickets to the park. So it’s definitely a better-organized experience. So, while you can attempt going there without a guide, it’s certainly not recommended to do so.   

6. How long is the walk to Ausangate 7 Lakes?

Going to the Ausangate 7 Lakes is quite the hike, it’s roughly 10 km long. On average, it will take 5 to 6 hours for a group of hikers to reach the lakes. It can get quite difficult to hike there, and that’s without any possible weather changes that further add to the challenge. Which is why it’s more than recommended to go with a team while hiking there, since it’s difficult and certainly not something suitable for beginners. 
As a side note, you can access horse rentals, which make the hike significantly easier. This is an extra purchase, but for someone without a lot of hiking experience, it’s certainly worth the investment. You will be less tired and that means you’ll get a much better result when you are getting to the Ausangate Lakes.

7. What is the best month to go to Ausangate 7 Lakes Peru?

Weather complications happen all the time, so it’s a great idea to know when you can actively enjoy this trip without dealing with them. We recommend hiking between April and November to have the best possible results. Getting the right hiking gear is very much a mandatory thing here, since you will end up with a very demanding hiking experience. Hiking the Ausangate Lakes during the cold season is not recommended, since the entire hike is significantly more difficult and dangerous.  
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8. Does it snow in Ausangate 7 Lakes Peru?

Yes, during the winter it does snow quite heavily in the Ausangate 7 Lakes region. Sometimes it doesn’t, but that just shows how unpredictable the weather is in this region. For the most part, traveling to the Ausangate region during the winter is not exactly the best idea, which is why March-November are the recommended months. It’s still a great place to visit and it comes as heavily recommended to visit it during the dry season. That will make it easier to avoid any possible complications that might arise.
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9. What animals live in the Ausangate 7 Lakes? 

Depending on the altitude, you will encounter quite a lot of animals during the Ausangate 7 Lakes hike. What you will like the most are definitely llamas and alpacas. They are known to survive in these harsher regions, even if the weather can be quite challenging to deal with at times. It’s also possible to see some chinchillas, although they are a rare sight and they tend to step away if they encounter any type of noise. But it still shows the uniqueness of the region and the fact that you will find some animals here and there.
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10. How to get to the Ausangate 7 lakes on my own? 

In order to reach the Ausangate 7 Lakes you want to go to Cusco. This is the central point for most of the Ausangate hiking experiences. You can grab the necessary food and equipment from the city, and then you can go on your hike. From Cusco you will need to drive around 3 hours so you can reach the Pacchanta village. There are many amazing vistas and wonderful locations for you to enjoy as you focus on getting to the destination.
From the Pacchanta village you can start your hike, which does take a few hours on its own. As we mentioned earlier, there are some natural springs in here that are a delight to enjoy and browse on your own, or with your family. There are alternative hikes to the Ausangate 7 Lakes one, but this is definitely worth a shot, especially if you are visiting it with the entire family.   

Recommendations for Ausangate 7 Lake hike

Invest in adequate hiking equipment and also take some thicker clothes with you when you attempt the Ausangate 7 Lakes hike. This is a difficult hike and things can get even more difficult when you factor in things like weather changing very often.
• Getting a guide to help you is important, since he can help you stay safe, and there are a ton of amazing things to see and enjoy here. That’s what truly makes visiting Ausangate 7 Lakes such an important and immersive experience. 
• It’s a good idea to stay in Cusco or any of the smaller towns in the region for a few days to accommodate with the altitude. Some people suffer from altitude sickness when visiting this place, and that’s why it can be a very good idea to prepare for that with adequate acclimating procedures.
Visiting the Ausangate 7 Lakes is an amazing experience and one of the most enjoyable ways to bask in the beauty of this country. It’s certainly one of the most incredible places you will ever see, and you will be amazed with how distinctive and unique this region really is. It’s a very good idea to enroll in a tour if you want to attempt this hike, because it’s a safer and more enjoyable experience. Improve your hiking experience and also remember to focus on acclimating properly before entering this tour, just to ensure everything is ok. 
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