Trekking Checklist

Machu Picchu Trekking check list

 Inka Altitude Check list for Salkantay trek, lares trek, Choquequirao trek and Ausangate trek.

  • In Cusco or sacred valley most of our passengers stay a night before or after his trek to Machu Picchu , well, we recommend to then leave all belongings at your hotel or hostel. then just take all what we recommend in this check list and some other things then you believe is necessary for you.


  • Our tour Guide will Provided a Pre-departure briefing and duffel bag one day before you start you trek to Machu Picchu. You can use this duffel bag to pack your clothes and sleeping bag for all entered trek (max. 8 kl per duffel bag ).


  • You horse man, Porters and Guide will organize this bags to be move by our horses and some areas by car or by train .


  • Our horses also will take care all our camping equipment and food that why you duffel bag should not weight over 8 kilos. ( if you want to bring with you some more belong you should contact with us and arrange a extra horse for extra things ) example: big cameras, professional film equipment, drones or any belong you believe is necessary for you journey.


         Belongs You Should not Forget for Your Trek :


  • Passport : Original passport is necessary for Machu Picchu and boar train or Bus . Sleeping Bag: We recommend A Sleeping bag with a limit temperature of -10 C or 14 F.
  • Warm Clothing : 1 Polar sweater , 1 warm jacket , gloves, hat.
  • Waterproof jacket: Light rain jacket and conformable to wear while you are hiking.
  • waterproof pants ( just for rain season between November - March ): if you are trekking close to rain season you should bring with a light rain pants .
  • Waterproof Hiking Boots: It is unconditional wear hiking boots and even better if is a water resistible.
  • Plastic Bags: It's better if you put all you belong inside of a plastic bag to protect from water or dust.
  • Small towel: At the camp site we can get some water for our personal cleaning.
  • Small Toiletries: Soap, Blush teeth, toothpaste, shampoo.
  • Water Bottle : hikers say ,Camel back are very comfortable to care water. 1/2 liters camel back or bottle.
  • Thermal Underwear: We recommend underwear clothes for sleep.
  • walking Clothing layer up: Hiking pants are very comfortable and less heavy then others. long t-shirt and long pants can help avoid sun burn and mosquito bites.
  • Personal Medication: Medicine which is important for you should be bring for all time trip.
  • Basic AID kit: All our Professional Tours Guides have a AID KIT however we recommend each passenger get his personal one in case you need more then we provide.
  • Camera and Spare Batteries. Small camera is enough to get memorial times pictures in your trek however if you are a professional photographer or video recorder You should consider get a extra hours or extra Porte for all your equipment
  • Snacks: Chocolate, candies, cookies, energy bars.
  • Flash-light or Torch: it is very important get torch and a extra pair of batteries.
  • sunscreen : Sun in our hikes are very strong that why we need a good sunscreen we recommend over  30 SPF. 
  • Sunglasses: With UV 400 
  • Insect repellant: 30 % DEED
  • Antiseptic : Even we use deed we recommend bring antiseptic.
  • Swimmer Clothes: If you want to enjoy hot springs in Aguas Calientes You should bring swimsuit with you.

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